Adjustable Steel Frame


Product Description

Our products are TSE certificated according to the standards of TS-1904.

Adjustable Door Frame,
  • After the operation in construction of plaster and tiles breaking too much bulk for the lack of door casing is a type of preferred hair.
  • Thanks to its adjustable structure, allows it to be generated under a single measure of production. Thus, the manufacturing diversity is eliminated.
  • To be safe to cross and the main chassis consists of 2 parts.
  • After a cross has been positioned with the main chassis are assembled by passing through each other safe.
  • Specially the screws and open holes in the wall are fixed to each other with the help of siktirili.
  • After the installation of the fuse in the back of the bed and wick through the holes by squeezing the foam is secured to the wall and the remaining assembly is completed.