Wood Covered Fire Door

Product Description

GÜR METAL fire doors; schools, hospitals, shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, Exhibition and convention centres and residences are used. Thanks to a structure that can withstand fire, fire by preventing the passage of smoke and flame in the event of the creation of safe zones and emergency exit provides a fast and safe evacuation of areas that need to be made. Also thanks to heat and sound insulation, in normal times, also does not affect your comfort in living.

Fire doors en 1634-1 fire in an oven in laboratory TSE has been tested according to special norms and E120-EI60 and E180-EI120 certificates have been awarded.

Fire doors Single or double wing as well as standard sizes and dimensions can be produced in the color you want. Our special production lines and all kinds of accessories produced in the door of being integrated with all the parts working in harmony.


  • A corner enclosure 1.5 mm or 2 mm from the door frame or adjustable boltless enclosure full half sheet custom produced in conjunction with wick slots. The mounting holes of the chassis and foam in full, on the back of the fuse socket does not generate any noise designed to remain after you have inserted the suppository.
  • Hair on both sides of the door leaf are manufactured from 1.2 mm thick. Special techniques used insulating materials placed under the door, and the defragmentation process is completed.
  • Standard in all our doors 150 kg/m3 density fire plate is used.
  • Our doors are self-closing hinge which enables special 2 are used.
  • As standard in the doors panic bar system offers. The arm system which allows the door to be opened from the outside locked or unlocked as an option may be preferred.
  • The door support plates are available for other preferred accessories in the appropriate places.
  • It can be manufactured in any desired size to fit your project are painted with electrostatic paint paint and modern our facilities.
  • Tuned the installation of the chassis can be done in a very practical way. It is in two pieces to each other after providing the casing bore wall by passing the screws through the holes on joined with. Bored with the foam then the foam through the holes after the assembly process is completed. The lower links in the bottom of the enclosure, thanks to the setting of the chassis until the foam is dry it can.
  • Doors are packed and shipped with bubble packing.